Mama Irfan

16 Aug 2008

other domain name

hi all, we are moving to a new house.. please visit us ya... :)

21 May 2008

Copy n Paste Syndrome

Do they look familiar to you????

Well, for you guys who knows me and Irfan, I bet you all can still remember those photos, for sure! Irfan and his “payung CD” rite…!? Even, Far still recognize this photo when she looked at them in one forum! But, not the one from Miabambina’s or any forum that I am familiar to hang out with… tadaaaaaa!! Irfan and papa Irfan glamour already!! Hahahaaa

Ok, ok… let’s talk seriously about it, I wanna say “Thank You” to the person who copied my photos from my blog and pasted them in’s forum. I dedicate this post especially for you (I bet, you and your friends from the forum know who you are if you are still visiting my blog) I am supporting your effort to get to know more about cloth diapering world, I understand your situation, which is you are trying to explain to other mom in the forum more about CD... And i think that is a very good effort. But, the most frustrating part is, some photos are mine and you never ask my permission for using them... I don't mind to share actually, but PLEASE let me know first if you are interested to use them and I’ll be happy to share some more photos with you… And of course I have to ask my dearhubbychubby consideration to share “his photo” first, since I took his photo with the CD cloth line purposely for Cloth Diapering Father contest. Furthermore, PLEASE read more about my cloth diaper topics previously, therefore you will find out more about how do I wash them, and then you can start TALKING ABOUT IT.

"nak tempek skali lagi gmbar ni.sbb kang kena kunci dah topik lepas Wink

Syerah_Omar telah menulis:
just nak share gmbar.mama irfan(bukan ahli pcm ok) nye cloth diapers.rasanya dia basuh seminggu skali.sbb dia ada banyakkk!!+ mesti geram giler tiap2 kali tgk CD ni sbb comel Laughing "

For information, I NEVER wash Irfans’ CDs once a week!! That is not hygiene..!! So, please don't simply stated I wash my CD once a week... I'm afraid if other mom read about it they will think differently...

"marlia telah menulis:
Shocked sgt berkenan dgn corak flower2..tapiii..kot pki ke montot si umar..adehhh,pengsan papa die

ko tgk si irfan tu..mak dia balon jerk beli bunga2 pon.hahahaha Laughing
erk..curik2 pakai oi.ko yg pakai weh Laughing acah jeee Laughing "

Some more, ME and my DEARHUBBYCHUBBY really don't mind everytime we put GREEN or BLUE RETRO DB on Irfan. Yes, Retro DB prints are flowery but since we are number one fans of Drybees, we enjoy every moment he was on Drybees even in Blue and Green Retro! So lantak lah kan huhuhuhu I start emotional pula...

As far as I'm concern, if someone using something that belong to us without asking permission, the concept is just same as "stealing" and that is unacceptable.... I also believe, all of us as a mother will always teach our children not to take anything that are not belong to us rite... So I do hope if we will do the same thing... jangan jadi seperti ibu ketam yang mengajar anak berjalan ya... And I do hope this person will email me personally to say something about this...

phewwwww...!!! sorry because you all have to listen my nag!!

16 May 2008

I'm back again!!

elloooo everyone!
hey I am back!! (far! Ipoh mali dah update blog ya!! ihikss)
YESSssss, finally I don't have to delete this blog and happily to continue my blogging journey! yayyy Thank you for Celcom Broadband!! Finally I have my own internet line at home! Poor me.. I blame TM b'coz they don't provide enough streamyx port in our new house area then I have to close my streamyx account huhhh
Btw, we have settle down here in Ipoh, at the moment we rent a house in Jelapang area, which is nearby my office. Unfortunately, I am still looking for Irfan school! Not because I couldn't find any, but I have to choose which is the most suitable for him... so every morning he keep asking and asking and when can he go to school... eeeeyaannn Irfan! ihikss (ok mama promise, next year sure you can go to school ya huhuhu) this mama irfan really Queen of Snail!..

ok.. for your updates... here is our photo in front of our new house in Ipoh with my dearest friend and her family! (photo taken on march 2008) Yes mellda, you and your family were the first guest in our new home! You came in when even our car and stuffs not arrived yet! hahahaha I'll write again for more back dated story ya.. I wanna read and say hi on other moms blog first, sure I missed lot of things already!! eyyyaaaaaaan mama irfan hehehee

8 Apr 2008

"Ipoh mali talak sombong"..

Hi everyone..
so sorry for being quiet for a longggggggg time.. since I cannot online at home, so I don't think I can blogging anymore... I've been thinking to remove this blog soon.. how soon, emmm depends on the situation 1'st... sorry, even now I cannot talk more than this, I must go now... hopefully I can talk longer... We are fine here, Irfan is doing great and I miss KK so much, especially "si gendeng BEK" and all "KK moms gang!!" I wish I can meet Ipoh moms gang soon!! but for sure "tak sama" and "tak segila KK moms"!! muahahahahaa

19 Feb 2008


Finally we gonna move to Ipoh soon... how soon? emmmm very sooooooooooooon! Really soon a.k.a next week!! emmm last week we got the transfer letter n at the same time I had course in KK so I didn't really feel about it yet, then yesterday Irfan had fever and I took EL to be with him, but when I started working this morning and everybody talking and asking about our transfer then I start feeling sad and nervous about it... to be honest I am happy to move to Ipoh since my parents and MIL live in Perak, means every family members from both sides are nearer to us and so far they are happy for this, however at the same time, I feel a bit sad for leaving all my good friends here in KK... I met a lot of good people and had lots of beautiful memories here... too sad also Irfan has to change to a new school again! I hope he can cope with this situation... well, not only him actually, I am also praying for myself! and hopefully three of us are happier at the new place, new house and new job environment.. ameen..

4 Feb 2008

Irfan n his puzzle..

Irfan loves this puzzle since I bought for him last month from I thought this medium puzzle might be quite tough for him since I never try to give him to solve any puzzle before! But I was totally wrong! He did it by not more than 3 minutes! Btw, Irfan always enjoy his momment playing puzzle... I must say he loves anything come with transportation too hihihi that's why he can solve them quite fast I think...

Playing with puzzles is not only fun. They are educational too. Children play and learn with them and it helps develop their hand-eye coordination and logical thinking as well as foster their creativity and imagination....

26 Jan 2008

nO mAttEr whAt...

So funny, me and Sandra almost talked the same thing on our blog! Yes, we talked about this issue before but I never thought she's also gonna blog about this matter!
to Bek; egg splatter 1000 times! muahahaha

BTW, I met so many competitive moms with unwelcome advice also before.. they always comparing Irfan with their children.. talking about Irfan head like "this and that", Irfan late to be able to do "this and that"... even saying that Irfan looks alike "this and that"... talking about how bad I am as a mother b'coz Irfan still cannot do "this and that"... iya, so sad but true, I cried a lot also whenever they talked about my DS, they hurt my feelings and make me feel bad for being a mom! The saddest thing is why must they compare and judging him in front of him? I believed and I know he can understand every single thing they said even he was few months.. I feel so sorry for my dear son for listening to all such things... I know I must be patience but I am worry if Irfan cannot! I understand that my Irfan is different from another baby, every baby is unique n grows differently...As long as they are healthy and happy then fine enough for me..

Alhamdulillah... Irfan is now enjoying his life walking, jogging, jumping and running even he started walking when he was 16 months old! Some mother in my neighbourhood thinks the way he runs is funny but for me he is enjoying his running anyway! Because I know my baby hands n legs are all normal, including his head!

Thank God... He is now be able to count from 1 to 10 in English even he is still lisp and the pronunciation not that clear as it should! But, what do we expect from 2 and a half years old boy rite?

More thankful to God... Since he is going to the new school, he is able and always willing to put on and off his shoe by himself even I must wait for a few minutes sometimes... I am always proud of him... Since he is fully potty trained, now he knows how to put on and off his pants by himself too even sometimes the pant is inside out!

To those people who loves talking and comparing your child with Irfan, thank you for your concerned... I appreciate you advices too... I am personally think, no matter what you all people said about my son, I know he is special and I know he is doing great. Doesn't mean when he never show off his talent in public means he is not capable doing anything at all... he just shy. Yes he is a bit tantrums sometimes, but it happened with a reason why he is behaving like that n that is mama job to find out the solution, but it doesn't mean he is not good at all...

huhh I don't mean anything for writing this all about, it just to "lepaskanperasaanyangterpendam" only.. To my best friend, thank you for all your support and your anak angkat is doing great now! !