21 May 2008

Copy n Paste Syndrome

Do they look familiar to you????

Well, for you guys who knows me and Irfan, I bet you all can still remember those photos, for sure! Irfan and his “payung CD” rite…!? Even, Far still recognize this photo when she looked at them in one forum! But, not the one from Miabambina’s or any forum that I am familiar to hang out with… tadaaaaaa!! Irfan and papa Irfan glamour already!! Hahahaaa

Ok, ok… let’s talk seriously about it, I wanna say “Thank You” to the person who copied my photos from my blog and pasted them in Perkahwinan.com.my’s forum. I dedicate this post especially for you (I bet, you and your friends from the forum know who you are if you are still visiting my blog) I am supporting your effort to get to know more about cloth diapering world, I understand your situation, which is you are trying to explain to other mom in the forum more about CD... And i think that is a very good effort. But, the most frustrating part is, some photos are mine and you never ask my permission for using them... I don't mind to share actually, but PLEASE let me know first if you are interested to use them and I’ll be happy to share some more photos with you… And of course I have to ask my dearhubbychubby consideration to share “his photo” first, since I took his photo with the CD cloth line purposely for Cloth Diapering Father contest. Furthermore, PLEASE read more about my cloth diaper topics previously, therefore you will find out more about how do I wash them, and then you can start TALKING ABOUT IT.

"nak tempek skali lagi gmbar ni.sbb kang kena kunci dah topik lepas Wink

Syerah_Omar telah menulis:
just nak share gmbar.mama irfan(bukan ahli pcm ok) nye cloth diapers.rasanya dia basuh seminggu skali.sbb dia ada banyakkk!!+ mesti geram giler tiap2 kali tgk CD ni sbb comel Laughing "

For information, I NEVER wash Irfans’ CDs once a week!! That is not hygiene..!! So, please don't simply stated I wash my CD once a week... I'm afraid if other mom read about it they will think differently...

"marlia telah menulis:
Shocked sgt berkenan dgn corak flower2..tapiii..kot pki ke montot si umar..adehhh,pengsan papa die

ko tgk si irfan tu..mak dia balon jerk beli bunga2 pon.hahahaha Laughing
erk..curik2 pakai oi.ko yg pakai weh Laughing acah jeee Laughing "

Some more, ME and my DEARHUBBYCHUBBY really don't mind everytime we put GREEN or BLUE RETRO DB on Irfan. Yes, Retro DB prints are flowery but since we are number one fans of Drybees, we enjoy every moment he was on Drybees even in Blue and Green Retro! So lantak lah kan huhuhuhu I start emotional pula...

As far as I'm concern, if someone using something that belong to us without asking permission, the concept is just same as "stealing" and that is unacceptable.... I also believe, all of us as a mother will always teach our children not to take anything that are not belong to us rite... So I do hope if we will do the same thing... jangan jadi seperti ibu ketam yang mengajar anak berjalan ya... And I do hope this person will email me personally to say something about this...

phewwwww...!!! sorry because you all have to listen my nag!!


farrahar said...

i agree, dear.. kesian your hubby free-free jadik popular..

i guess some people still have a long way to understand about ethics on the net.

hope it doesnt happen to you again. or even me! hehehe...

Bonnie said...

I Hate copycat.. pity u tet..this person should really said or do something..

Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

Mama irfan ..kita ada ask ur permision at ur blog masa nk ltk Irfan pictures with his CD ... I also already put ur blog link refer to the picture & infomation i put .. Im so sorry again ... its ok ...the best way i will delete that picture at my blog after this ... really sorry again

Crystal Ivy said...

mama adam,
jangan terasa hati... this post i dedicate especially for syerah omar.. she's the one that never ask any permission.. some more they "talked" about irfan and his CD in the forum.. dah lah tu, salah fakta lakssss huhuhu

iya larr.. the saddest thing is they talked something not true.. that make me p*****f huhuhuu

Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

okies .. TQ mama irfan for ur explanation ... btw i already delete irfan pic from my blog utk elakkan any misunderstanding ok ..TQ again ;-)

Sandra@miabambina said...

I think no one need to delete any photos or terasa hati, if we know in the first place, it is always best to ask for permission. So I think lesson learned for both parties. And I also learn a lesson from here : SANDRA , REMEMBER TO WATERMARK YOUR PHOTOS!!!

If anybody asked for permission,sure Taty won't reject one.... she is so baik hati. But to see her personal photos posted in a forum and many moms talked about it ( either true or not true) can be a quite " shocking" experience.

LOL and about the retro prints of diapers. Don't worry, it is not mean for girls only, as long boys doesn't wear the PINK one. As for my opinion the blue or green retro prints are FUNKY like Hawaiians prints. And many parents put that on their boys...

Bonnie said...

HAHA.. ya true what Sandra said.. Taty u should mark ur pics as well since it so laku..

Yalo, what is d problem to let boys wear the retro diaper..even the candystripes also look nice in boy..they are just baby @ kids bha..HANTAM la as long as mommy & baby happy..

Joan D'Arcy said...

hahahah!!! Yeah, watermark the photos.. Cool down mama irfan, we all support you. :)

Hey, I oso intend to buy drybees flower-flower too for my son... so what, LANNTAAAAK la.. hehehe.. (copycat from makcik sandra)

syerah omar said...

mama irfan,

sorry sgt2 sbb xmintak ur permission untuk letak gmbar.sgt2 la sorry:( sy salah sgt.kagum sgt sebenarnya sampai lupa:(

pasal salah fakta tu..pon sorry sgt.sy pon x sure pasal basuh2 tu.sgt sorry ok.:( harap mama irfan dpt maafkan sy yer:(sorry gak untuk hubby awk yer:(

ape2 pon,thanks sbb banyak sgt info pasal CD dari blog mama irfan..sy btol2 belajar dari sini:)
sorry lagi skali ye mama irfan.pasni sy akan lebih berhati2.

KittyCat said...

Hi Taty - sorry to hear about your problem. I think Diana linking back to you is a form of acknowledgement already.

It's really easy to watermark your photos - you can use Paint :)

Let me know if you'd me to show you how ok?