26 Jan 2008

nO mAttEr whAt...

So funny, me and Sandra almost talked the same thing on our blog! Yes, we talked about this issue before but I never thought she's also gonna blog about this matter!
to Bek; egg splatter 1000 times! muahahaha

BTW, I met so many competitive moms with unwelcome advice also before.. they always comparing Irfan with their children.. talking about Irfan head like "this and that", Irfan late to be able to do "this and that"... even saying that Irfan looks alike "this and that"... talking about how bad I am as a mother b'coz Irfan still cannot do "this and that"... iya, so sad but true, I cried a lot also whenever they talked about my DS, they hurt my feelings and make me feel bad for being a mom! The saddest thing is why must they compare and judging him in front of him? I believed and I know he can understand every single thing they said even he was few months.. I feel so sorry for my dear son for listening to all such things... I know I must be patience but I am worry if Irfan cannot! I understand that my Irfan is different from another baby, every baby is unique n grows differently...As long as they are healthy and happy then fine enough for me..

Alhamdulillah... Irfan is now enjoying his life walking, jogging, jumping and running even he started walking when he was 16 months old! Some mother in my neighbourhood thinks the way he runs is funny but for me he is enjoying his running anyway! Because I know my baby hands n legs are all normal, including his head!

Thank God... He is now be able to count from 1 to 10 in English even he is still lisp and the pronunciation not that clear as it should! But, what do we expect from 2 and a half years old boy rite?

More thankful to God... Since he is going to the new school, he is able and always willing to put on and off his shoe by himself even I must wait for a few minutes sometimes... I am always proud of him... Since he is fully potty trained, now he knows how to put on and off his pants by himself too even sometimes the pant is inside out!

To those people who loves talking and comparing your child with Irfan, thank you for your concerned... I appreciate you advices too... I am personally think, no matter what you all people said about my son, I know he is special and I know he is doing great. Doesn't mean when he never show off his talent in public means he is not capable doing anything at all... he just shy. Yes he is a bit tantrums sometimes, but it happened with a reason why he is behaving like that n that is mama job to find out the solution, but it doesn't mean he is not good at all...

huhh I don't mean anything for writing this all about, it just to "lepaskanperasaanyangterpendam" only.. To my best friend, thank you for all your support and your anak angkat is doing great now! !


farrahar said...

dont worry taty. the way u blog about irfan, i think he's just doing fine and getting more and more clever! and he has a cute really sweet shy smile too :)

plus i dont think its really urgent to make our babies so pandai to read and count so early, kan?

i think it's just to make mothers more proud of themselves and showoff to other people how pandai their babies are.

if our babies can read/count early, then alhamdulillah.. otherwise, just let them enjoy their short "freedom" before they enter the world of school homework/tuition/exam pressure :)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry MAMA!... PAPA will always be here for U in whatever the situation is... I'm always be proud for our FAMILY!

PAPA faham perasaan MAMA.... Just say ALHAMDULILLAH!

eppi family said...

hello tat..
sorry.. dah lama tak bukak blog and i'm sorry for this story too..

wehh.. lantak pi ke dema la tat...
diorang punya mulut dah ada insurans kot..

tapi aku tahu perasaan kau.. lagi2. diorang cakap depan anak kau..
aku pun pernah mengalami masalah tersebut.. and i'm so stress..

tapi aku skarang dah ada dua switch dekat kepala yang aku dah solder sendiri.. satu switch continue dan satu swicth lagi stop.. and its will stop thinking the nonsense things....

sian kau..
meh sini aku belasah siapa yang cakap tue..

tarak ada pelasaan ke itu olang... boloooo punya manusia...

okie tat.. cheers out yee !