16 May 2008

I'm back again!!

elloooo everyone!
hey I am back!! (far! Ipoh mali dah update blog ya!! ihikss)
YESSssss, finally I don't have to delete this blog and happily to continue my blogging journey! yayyy Thank you for Celcom Broadband!! Finally I have my own internet line at home! Poor me.. I blame TM b'coz they don't provide enough streamyx port in our new house area then I have to close my streamyx account huhhh
Btw, we have settle down here in Ipoh, at the moment we rent a house in Jelapang area, which is nearby my office. Unfortunately, I am still looking for Irfan school! Not because I couldn't find any, but I have to choose which is the most suitable for him... so every morning he keep asking and asking and when can he go to school... eeeeyaannn Irfan! ihikss (ok mama promise, next year sure you can go to school ya huhuhu) this mama irfan really Queen of Snail!..

ok.. for your updates... here is our photo in front of our new house in Ipoh with my dearest friend and her family! (photo taken on march 2008) Yes mellda, you and your family were the first guest in our new home! You came in when even our car and stuffs not arrived yet! hahahaha I'll write again for more back dated story ya.. I wanna read and say hi on other moms blog first, sure I missed lot of things already!! eyyyaaaaaaan mama irfan hehehee


Joan D'Arcy said...

Hi taty! Irfan look so lanky la.. ;) cute leopard print he's wearing! U must be happy in your new place.. Please update ur blog regularly.. we wanna know what u are up to (kaypohchi)... err.. bila next one? kata hari tu nak ramai.. kena start cepat2.. hahaha! ;)

farrahar said...

welcome back dear.. so happy you didnt have to close down your blog :)

Crystal Ivy said...

hahaha iya lahhh irfan refused to standing still! :) BTW that leopord print purposely for demo a.k.a show off! muahahaha
iya... everybody also asking me "bila nak tambah!".. n as usual, my answer is... "sdg berkerja keras la ni" hahahaha finger cross!

tq tq tq hihihii

Sandra@miabambina said...

macam mau nangis liat you updated your blog oh....