4 Feb 2008

Irfan n his puzzle..

Irfan loves this puzzle since I bought for him last month from
kidzpuzzle.com I thought this medium puzzle might be quite tough for him since I never try to give him to solve any puzzle before! But I was totally wrong! He did it by not more than 3 minutes! Btw, Irfan always enjoy his momment playing puzzle... I must say he loves anything come with transportation too hihihi that's why he can solve them quite fast I think...

Playing with puzzles is not only fun. They are educational too. Children play and learn with them and it helps develop their hand-eye coordination and logical thinking as well as foster their creativity and imagination....
from kidzpuzzle.com


farrahar said...

adam's nursery pun has those kind of toys. i like them all :)

kidzpuzzle said...

Thank you for displaying our puzzles. In fact, kindergartens prefer puzzles with pegs than raised puzzles due to easy grasp.

I saw a girl, 5+ who still enjoyed playing with peg puzzles in kindy that I visited. The reason is because she never had one (puzzle).

I dunno if your son is preschooler. Should advise you puzzles with more pieces or more complex.

Joan D'Arcy said...

Hi Mama Irfan. Wonderful job!
Another good thing about a knobbed puzzle is that it prepares the child's for future writing, becoz he uses his pincer grib (thumb & index finger).

You can also check out this site for more info. Enjoy Irfan's development!