29 Dec 2007

Since I know you!

Since I know you...
.. my life is busy hanging around with you and your beautiful kids which I enjoy every moment of it
.. I have a new "gang makan!" which I always enjoy our eating time together! You are really food expert! you Rock!! hihihi
.. I know how to cook the original soto ayam, tiramisu and spaghetti bolognese!
.. I know how to put my makeup! true fact: the last time I did put on my makeup was on my wedding day! and all those makeup set for my hantaran never been used! pingsan!
.. I know how to do some exercise with Irfan so that he can use his muscle in correct way also I learned a lot from you how to buy a correct toys for my boy!
.. I start blogging and FS because of you! and since that moment also I know that my hubby also got his own FS!!!!
.. I know more and more and MORE about cloth diapering world! Even since I know you I feel lazy to surf about CD because I know the CD Guru is always here with me! hihihi
.. I've got back my courage and confident to drive alone ! Even to park in the small parking space! yayyyy.. thanks for being my co-pilot!
.. I watched movie in the cinema for the 1'st time with a 'friend' in KK! I won't forget all the moment my heart stop beating many times while we watching "I am Legend" that day!!
.. I know how to eat "penjaram"! so yummy!
.. I have someone to share my life and my story morie!
.. I nearly burnt your kitchen! muahahahahahahaahaa
.. You make me upset to move back to peninsular later!
.. I have more and more memorable times that I can't forget!
.. I have a new best friend known as TLSIR!
Thank God to give me an opportunity to meet this down to earth lady and so kind hearted lady I met so far since I moved in KK... My life now full filled of joys and happiness. Before? Yes I was happy too spending my life with hubby and Irfan but I missed all my friends in the meaning of "true friend"... Thank You for being my friend and may God Bless our friendship...

** for "you" I bet you know who is "you"!!**

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