30 Dec 2007

All about cloth ... and cloth...

Before I get married, I never imagine that one day I will use cloth diaper for my children or any cloth pad for myself! But now everything in my life seems turning into cloths... Starts with cloth diapering.. cloth wipes... then cloth pads and now facial cloths! Why? ermm honestly, they really suite my life style! Ya, maybe some might think, "eeuwwww how gross?" but for me I can handle all the "grossy things" with no sweat! But I think maybe it just me, and I believe everyone got their own style and their own preference...

I started with only 2 cloth pads for the 1'st time trying... I bought 1 regular and 1 heavy flow Imse Vimse cloth pad. Why 2 only? hihihi Actually I plan to have another child and hoping that my period won't come but I was wrong, which end up I bought some more pads from miabambina.com on the following month since I feel more comfortable with the dry and healthier feelings on it compare to dispo one.. Then I bought Mamapads and their panty liners! Now I also have Ultimate Heavy & regular flow Organic bamboo velour, Minkee Ultimates!, Endura pads and liners and also hemp silk liners. Lately I feel more comfortable using fully cloth pads during my period and cloth panty liner daily!...Let me share how do I wash them. Usually I'll rinse the soiled pad first, then soak about 1-2 hours with Scarlet Secret before I wash them in washing machine together with my son cloth diaper. I don't mind washing them all together since I also rinse all my son's CD before I dump into my washing machine. Before Sandra gave me to try the Scarlet Secret last month, I just soak them with little bit of detergent actually, Trojan also works nicely to remove all the stain. But Scarlet Secret works more effectively which they always give "new look" and softens my cloth pad after few times washing! Amazing but truth!

Last few days, I started using facial cloth too! I used them for scrubbing, removing makeup and applying toner!They are great and also easy to wash! I used same method of washing as my cloth pad. I am not sure how much I can save costs by using this facial cloth since I can get cotton balls wipes easily and cheap, but in terms of my own satisfaction on using cloth, yes I am satisfy and happy enough to proceed using this facial cloths more and more in future!... and now I am really into cloth and cloth!

And here I show you my Happy Tushies Momma pad bag that I used for outing. There are two compartment to store clean and dirty pad separately... Very handy and useful. You can get this pad bag from Miabambina.com. The other e-store that selling other brand of cloth pad in Malaysia are femchoices.com, babysashanmom.com, and babyznmom.com.Happy trying!

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Peridot&Sapphire said...

wah! u ni memang full time cloth mama la... I'm interested too on the cloth for the face... muahahaha
I'm not sure whehter I use the Scarlett secret betul ke... the stain didn't ame out thoroughly from my imse vimse pad and it didn't impress me for the first use. Will try again and see how ya... thanks 4 your post on all these wonderful cloth items!