25 Dec 2007

tAg: I've been tagged

I've been tagged again.
Thanks Sandra for tagging me. At least I have something to blog here... This holiday season really makes me lazy to blog. Since Aidil Adha on the 20th Dec until Christmas today 25th Dec me and DH just stay at home and makan! ya.. I ate a lot lately!! I had Ketupat, Rendang Ayam, Laksa Penang, Pannetone, cincau bandung, macaroni and cheese, soto ayam, chendol and ++ uwaahhhhh pingsan! Since I suka makan, so lantak lah! hihihiii

Ooopss back to the topic! I suppose to finish this homework first... so here are the rules:

1. Do the following without complains.
2. Choose 5 people to do this quiz after you've done yours.
3. Tag the chosen one.
4. Start your post with "I've been tagged"

I've been tagged by Sandra

Colour: pink+fushia and gold+brown
Food: Laksa Penang is the most favourite! Anything else as long as halal I definitely eat! :D
Movie: Harry Porter movies for sure!
Sport: Badminton, tennis and swimming (unfortunately since I moved to KK I only swim 3 times only! kasihan... hihihi)
Day: Friday
Season: What ya..? Malaysia is sunny+cloudy+raining for the whole year... and last time, I hate winter emmm the only season that I can think I like most now is Musim Durian! hihihi does it count?? :D
Ice cream: Vanilla+blueberry

Best friend: Mellda98!
Crush: hihihi.. SNTW
Movie: Robin Hood
Music: Before, now and forever is slow Rooock! hihihi When Love & Hate Collide

Drink: Ice Milo..
Car ride: Just came back from CentrePoint and Tiara cafe...
Crush: Now and forever MSMS! hihihi
Phone call: Bek
CD played: Def Leppard - When Love & Hate Collide! Just now in the car...
Gone out with good friends: Yesterday to Palm Square and KK Toys to buy xmas presents
Broken a law: nOpE
Been arrested: nOpE

I'm going to pass this tag to (the chosen one!) :
1. Celine
2. Charish (do this after your confinement ya..)

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Joandarcy said...

That tag for me? hehehe... sorry, didnt update my blog for quiet a while now... Still digesting the CD stuffies..