1 Dec 2007

mAkAn tImE!

The other day we had dinner with Sandra and Indy... "unplan" dinner actually, but end up with one of the most unforgettable time in my life!! Why?? Definitely because of the food! Which are so yummymommymahulagi!! and also sort of something happened "behind" the story made me feel more sayang to mydearhubbychubby! hehehe we had dinner at The Mediterranean Bar & Restaurant, First Beach Tg. Aru, KK. Really nice and romantic restaurant I must say... :) (known for the best Cuisine & Sunset in KK if i am not wrong) There are many choices of authentic dishes from Southern France, Italy, Spain and Greece. Since that was the 1'st time we went there so we ate everything that are recommended by the executive chef which is Indy's papa, Nikolay Rocco! hihihi and Sandra also help us! TQ Bek... (Semoga bertambah murah rezeki Bek sekeluarga!) I love the spicy crab soup and dessert very much! Me and my DH plan to go again next time... heheheee BTW here are the website you can refer to get to know more about the place. http://www.first-beach.com/ and then our photo taken by Sandra and me hihihi sorry ya, those photos mostly taken half way eaten already! LUPA to snap before start eating!! Sedap sangat itu pasal lah.. LOL

The starter - Cheese Ball i guess and Spicy Crab Soup muahhahaa nice!

The main course: Neptune's Platter and Sole Fish With Mushrooms.. very delicious!

The Dessert: Warm Chocolate Chantilly! This one very nice and my most favourite!.. crispy on the outside and melted in the core!


bZbee said...

wah...yummy..maybe we should got there again if we can set aside our $$ from spending on other stuff (e.g CD??)..hehe...

Anonymous said...

not executive chef, my hubby is the tukang masak only.


Anonymous said...

wah..sedapnya. yup, i think we ladies should go out makan one of these days :p