10 Jul 2007

Time goes very fast... And Irfan turns to 2 years old last month.. here are some photos of him when he was 2 weeks old until he turns to 2 years old... he can speak few words though not so clear! like ..

"mama" = MAMA of course! hehehe

"papa" = PAPA hehehe

"fish" = FISH! his first word after mama and papa! LOL

"cat" = CAT! so correct even for the first time came out from his mouth! LOL

"car" = CAR, he loves car very much!

"madi" = MANDI.. LOL

"aaatuk" = ATUK of course at kampung! and everytime we call my dad, he only can say two sentences to his Atuk, "elloo tuuuk" and "bye bye tuuk".. LOL

"aaaayek" = AYEK (my mom), also at kampung with Atuk.. "ello yeek" .. "bye bye yeek" hahaha

"paahhhh" = OPAH! again Opah at kampung Kuala Kangsar! ... and again "ello pahhh" and "bye bye pahhh" LOL

"go mama/papa go" = Go Papa/ Mama Go!! everytime he needs to be alone! heeheee means, poo poo time! LOL

"bird" = BIRD, and also correctly! LOL

"plisssshh mama" = Please Mama! You should listen how gentle his voice everytime he's saying this!!LOL

"kakaak" = KAKAK hehee

"waa uu eeee" = guess what!? ONE TWO THREE! ** Sigh..**

" err uu tuu" = I love You too! LOL

"air" = AIR.. also excel! lol

LOL.. and my favourite is always "plissshh mama!" LOL

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