17 Jun 2007


Emm.... first time writing in my own blog...feel a little bit strange because i know anyone can read this. So the first thing come up in my mind is i must jot down something useful to anyone who read my blog. For sure i wanna talk something about parenting and how to raise up our children in the best way. Last but not least, is my hobby which is making a bracelet and necklace from pearl and crystal. This is my best interest and i might say i become addicted to them. Do visit my photo page blog to enjoy my collection and don't hesitate to contact me if you wanna know how i made them also if you wanna buy.. there are on my favourite site list ya.. (bukan nak promote tauuuu hehehe). That is how i got the idea for my blog name "Crystal-ivy". Crystal, because i love crystal so much... ivy, well hehehe i like this name very much and i wish i could give this name for my future baby girl :) . And since my little baby Irfan starts wearing a cloth diaper, i will share some information about it. I think every mother in this world should try this modern cloth diapers for their baby to get to know how easy-to-use, save money and environment friendly they are. Lastly, happy reading my blog and please do jot your comment or idea if you have any while reading my blog. Thank You

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