7 Dec 2007

Cloth Diapering in the Daycare

Last November, Irfan's nanny moved to Miri and since that day Irfan stays in the nursery. At first I was a bit worried if the daycare taker refuse to use the cloth diaper on him. When first time I met the daycare taker and told them that my baby is using cloth diaper they thought I use traditional lampin. Only on the first day Irfan in the daycare they knew that is modern cloth diaper hehehe. At first they were a bit blur and confused, they thought they must change the insert only. Nevertheless, after I made some explanation and demonstration, the daycare taker seems more understand and look happier...and they are now enjoying it. After few weeks they asked...
The daycare taker: "mama Irfan, mana beli diaper Irfan ni, cute-cute ohhh, tidak nampak pun ada jual di Giant?!"
Mama Irfan: "hihihi i beli dari kawan tinggal di Damai, dia ada online store jual cloth diaper... Banyak lagi yang ada di jual nya! kakak cuba buka web www.miabambina.com"
The daycare taker: "ohh begitu. Kakak ni mahu introduce pada adik beradik kakak, tapi kakak tidak ada pakai sekarang, jadi kakak tunggu selepas kakak cuba, barulah kakak bagitahu mereka. Kakak tengok bagus ini diaper! Irfan punya pula nice-nice lah the prints"
Mama Irfan: "Ohhh iya... banyak lagi yang cantik prints nya kak, especially for baby girl! hihihi"
The daycare taker: "Kakak sekarang sudah 12 minggu pregnant, kalau kandungan kakak sudah 6 bulan nanti kakak mintak tolong mama Irfan bawa kakak beli boleh kan? Kakak mahu beli sikit-sikit"
Mama Irfan: "ya kak, boleh ajer! Nanti saya bawak... sebenarnya banyak lagi pilihan yang kakak boleh beli selain jenis poket dan AIO yang selalu saya pakaikan untuk Irfan. Di sana nanti kakak tengok... hihihi nanti kita cerita lagi ya kak, saya kena balik cepat hari ni"

Even the daycare owner talked to me the other day that she'll use cloth diaper for her next baby! yayyy....!

Usually I will bring 3 or 4 cloth diapers to the daycare, which is normally I mix some pocket and All In One diaper. I will make sure the insert is already keep inside into the pocket! I also provide one All Day wet bag so that all used CD will go into the wet bag. The daycare taker usually rinse all the poo and if only others baby are in good mood then I can see they also help me rinse the pee as well!. (I teach them how to spray the CD to make their job easier...)Oh ya, I also provide them 3 wipes but usually they use it for wipes Irfan's hand and mouth, not for the cleaning b** since they feel so "sayang" to use them for wipes poo hihihihi Well, so far so good, they don't complaint and I am satisfied enough. And now one of my friend also start Cd'ing her daughter in the same daycare with my son! And they look happier because we are reducing their garbage though! . Now I would like to share irfan's cloth diaper that I bring to the daycare...
Here are we are! 3 wipes, 1 All Day wet bag and 4 diapers! I'll put them in Irfan's nursery's bag. And below is my pail liner... hihihi just want to show you where usually I keep all the used Cd at home... I wash my diaper everyday and sometimes once in two days.. so this pail liner is big enough to keep all my usage!


she said...
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farrahar said...


i send adam to daycare centre too. usually i'd provide 4/5 pocket/aio CDs, same like you.

last time they used up all 4. then i think when they realized it's just like the disposable, that is the pee won't tembus the diaper, then they reduced to 3 CDs a day. now pulak suda jadi 2 CDs only per day! aiyooo :P~~

anyway i told them no need to rinse adam's poo. just put the soiled CD in the bag.

crystal-ivy said...

iya lah far, usually at first they will think CD senang tembus pee! but after using it they realise CD also working wonderfully without leaking problem! hihihi

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Cool! We are bringing and spreading the wonders of loth diapers in our community and it's going to expand and grow and... Well done!