23 Oct 2007

Selamat Hari Raya!

I hope it's not too late for me to wish "Selamat Hari Raya" to all my friends!
I was soo busy to upload Hari Raya e-card before i went back for my raya holiday..
Since syawal is one month, means today still hari raya rite, so Selamat Hari Raya to all my family and friends..
Here are some photos of my dear irfan during Raya with atuk and ayek in scrapbook, other photos will be upload soon!

This year memang raya sakan! to see how "sakan" hehehe let me tell u guys..
Raya day off we took; 20 days! the longest day off in my life I took for Raya!
Cake Raya I made; 1 chocolate cake, 1 kek pelangi (esp. for my mum!), 1 Kek lapis Betawi, 1 kek lapis Keju Kencana, 1 kek lapis Holiday Inn and 1 kek Lapis Asia Bagus (those are my favorite, kek lapis Sarawak!)
Raya theme for our family; all in green colours! (dari atuk ke cucu semua hijau, :D)
Raya cookies; Hohoohoo talking about biskut raya,we had lots.. can't recall the name, but my most favourite is Jam Tart!
Raya special menu; the best ever is my mom's ayam kuah kacang and ketupat and my dad's lemang bakar! yummy yummy also my aunt's rendang dendeng!
Raya events; morning we had breakfast together, then went to the mosque for solat raya...
then bermaaf-maafan among family members.. afternoon start visiting our auties, uncle and tok... We took 2 days to finish visiting all of my relatives ! 3'rd day hari raya we went back to my hubby's hometown to visit all his relatives.. but we only took 1 day to finish them all.. fewww penat, tapi seronok, only during hari raya we can meet each other, just emagine the joviality! and now have to start working, but also in Raya mood, got few "Open house" to go and this weekend we'll go beraya to Miri! Hohoho Raya sakan! :D

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bZbee said...

HI taty...sir lump mud har ree ra ya..mar arf tsar heer done bar teen...u kena tag http://mirandalk.blogspot.com/