31 Oct 2007

Potty Training

I never thought this could happened! I never teach my DS to use the toilet before (or maybe his nanny did),anyway one day he asked me to open his potty's box (we bought it last 2 months and never open since then...)
well, i thought he just wanna play with the box, but miracle happened and I PENGSAN!!
still speechless until today... even i don't know how to react, happy or sad!!

errr.. should i cry now? huhuhuuu sob sob sob.. tears of joy i must say..


bZbee said...

wah..hebat nya!!! his potty more mahal than our toilet a.k.a jamban!!!lol

Peridot&Sapphire said...

wow! ur boy no need to train already sendiri pi toilet! He also so good at buang diaper dia lah... amazing!

Sandra@miabambina said...


crystal-ivy said...

SHARINE; ya lorr, that's y i was like PINGSAN! esp. when he took off his diaper! I think his ex-nanny tought him, if not how can he did it easily?!! *FAINT* Anyway, now Irfan still CD'ing.. he only ask for a "looloo" bila ada mood only! hehehee

BEK; don't laugh ya! CONTROL GIGI! LOL

farrahar said...

aiyooo tatyyyy malu la irfan!! hahahahha