10 Sep 2007

Another exercise in scrapbook!

I got homework from Sandra since last week but lazy to do it! If at school sure I got E already for not doing my homework! LOL but here.. I know Sandra won't give me E hehehe... btw, there's nothing i wanna share for today except my new scrapbook... hehehe they are not really good anyway, so tengok ja bah! LOL

My Baby Irfan! muahhhhhhs

Here they are! Some from Irfan's CD Collections! LOL
And now i'm doing my homework!! 8 facts About Myself! Huhhhh susah lorr... ok ok... here they are.. LOL
1. My name is Taty
2. I'm married
3. My baby is a boy
4. His name is Irfan
5. Currently we live in KK
6. All of us love DURIAN
7. I'm not good in blogging
8. And I hate kena TAG! LOL
Muahahaaaaa sure Sandra will give me F for this! Don't be angry ya... LOL
So charish! You better do your homework! Do you want me to TAG u as well?? LOL


bitterlysweet said...


Of all the '8 facts about myself' tag that I've read, yours were the shortest. Ketara M.A.L.A.S muahahahahha. Im going to tell Sandra :p

Sandra@miabambina said...

uh... PEMALAS benar nih Taty...
not only the shortest, she even included I hate kena tag!
i give u an G! not even F

Peridot&Sapphire said...

hahaha... Taty, you are so "creative" in doing your tag... haha! and you even show ur bb's bum in scrapbook... WAH!!!!

crystal-ivy said...

hahahaaa ya ya I know TAK ACI! but what to do, I was lazy to type. muahahaha jangan marah dong deh sandra. Sharine, ya i am "creative" enough up for my standard which is P.E.M.A.L.A.S *wink* hahaha anybody want to tag me? go ahead but jangan sakit hati after that ya! LOL

Sandra@miabambina said...

i will tag u ....
"evil laugh " muahahahahahha...

Miranda Lea said...

I thot i'm a lazy bum but u r sooooooo malas...worse than me..i take at east one month to do..but u...so quick n short..apala u nie..hihi..tagging is one way we get to know each other bah!!!

Peridot&Sapphire said...

taty! I got tag for you... wahahaha...very short only la...